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You can pass 20 minutes of your own piloting in this Legend aircraft forjust 100 EUR.
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Ultralight Legend 540 aircraft - Czech

Ultralight aircraft for sale LEGEND 540

Sale ultralight aircraft LEGEND 540 is provided exclusively from our own production

  • Ultralight Legend 540 aircraftUltralight Legend 540 aircraft - Legend becomes reality
  • Engine RotaxEngine Rotax
  • Aircraft made for FranceAircraft made for France
  • Aircraft made for GermanyAircraft made for Germany
  • Aircraft made for PortugalAircraft made for Portugal
  • Aircraft made for ItalyAircraft made for Italy
  • Legend in the skyLegend in the sky
  • Legend over the landscapeLegend over the landscape
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All about ultralight aircraft

Demand - configuration

In order to purchase an ultralight aircraft, it is necessary to specify your individual requirements in terms of component selection from the list of additional aircraft equipment. After the customer requirements have been specified, the final price of the aircraft will be stated.

You can perform your own aircraft configuration by the selection of the following items
Exterior designConfiguration
Single colour (acrylic) - Basic equipment
Colour foil design
Colour foil design / Sprayed metallic design
Aerodynamic wheel covers
Aerodynamic strut covers
Aerodynamic packet (wheel and strut covers)
Cabin interior
Door upholstery
Centre armrestBasic equipment
Roof panelBasic equipment
Door pockets
Anatomically shaped control yokeBasic equipment
Seat upholstery
Head rests
Alloyed steel pedals
Carbon Lacquered Instrument Panel
Interior packet
User comfort
Length and height adjustable seats
Gas springs – door opening and closing
Central controlBasic equipment
Two – zone flap – controlled ventilation
Two - zone heating
Electrically heated seats
Sun visors
Comfort packet
Oil preheating (for Rotax engines) Basic equipment
Airbox (for Rotax engines)
Backup fuel pump
Functional packet
Analogue instruments
Speed meterBasic equipment
AltimeterBasic equipment
Magnetic CompassBasic equipment
Vario meter ca. 10 m/sBasic equipment
InclinometerBasic equipment
RPM meter w/engine hoursBasic equipment
Position indicators – trim and flapsBasic equipment
Engine and oil temperature meterBasic equipment
Oil pressure meterBasic equipment
Fuel pressure meter
Analogue packet
Navigation and communication instruments
Radio ICOM IC 210
Garmin GTX 328 transponder
2 x Light Com Dlx headsets
Emergency posititon transmitter ELT AK 451
Navigation packet
Glass Cockpit
Integra EFIS TL-6524/EMS TL-6724
(Including standard sensors)
Integra EFIS TL-6524/EMS TL-6724
(Including advanced sensors)
Integra EFIS/EMS TL-6624
(Including standard sensors)
Integra EFIS/EMS TL-6624
(Including advanced sensors and drag camera)
Radio becker CM 4201
Transponder becker BXP 6402
2 x strobe light at fuselage and keel
LED landing light in wing
Lights packet
Rotax 912 UL-80 HpBasic equipment
Rotax 912 ULS-100 Hp
Rotax 912 is
Electrically adjustable propeller SR – 3000
Electronics – constant speed
Filling pressure indicatorBasic equipment
Engine packet
(Engine packet includes Rotax 912 ULS - 100 Hp, Electrically adjustable propeller SR – 3000, Electronics – constant speed)
Ballistic rescue system
Ballistic rescue system
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